ed was born and raised in holland and currently lives with his wife in winterthur.

his main interest is printing. he started etching in 2009 and after mastering the basic techniques, discovered alternative methods while on holiday in cuba.

these methods have served to broaden the possibilities and intensify the expression of his prints. he prints with plates made from cardboard, various types of paper and paint to create unique results.

most of his prints are monotypes or made in small series. his focus is on cultural icons of the past and present.

next to printing he also paints and photographs.


die unjurierte (group exhibition)
(winterthur, switzerland, 17th of june until 31st of june 2017)
impression 2015 (group exhibition)
(grenchen, switzerland, 31st of oct. until 31st of jan. 2016)
druckgut (group exhibition)
(wintherthur, switzerland, 30st of oct. until 1st of nov. 2015)
another good reason to visit vienna
(vienna, juli until november 2014)
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